As many as 1 out of every 3 men will suffer from a common problem in their lifetime: the enlargement of the male breast tissue area, which can lead to the formation of embarrassing “man boobs.” Medically, this condition is called gynecomastia, and it can have very significant physical and psychological impacts for the average guy. Until recently, the only permanent solution to this problem was expensive surgery to have these breasts removed.

To help men with this problem in a way that’s safer and less expensive, nutritionists and world-class scientists have been working to create the perfect synergistic blend in pill or capsule form that will help to change the body’s metabolism and address any hormonal imbalances causing the breasts to form. As a result, there are now 3 different breast reduction pills – Gynexin, Gynectrol and Gynemax – that can help men with this embarrassing condition known as gynecomastia.

All of these gyno supplements can be used without a medical prescription, and all of them are based on naturally occurring ingredients designed to treat the root cause of the formation of breasts: the build-up of fatty cells in the male breast tissue area. And all of them come with rave reviews from men who have used them to achieve slim, rock-hard chests. Men who are looking to minimize fat and attain a more masculine chest should consider any of these three treatments.

But which one is the #1 chest fat burning pill? The reviews below will help you to choose the best gyno pills for your particular situation and ensure that you minimize your breasts in the fastest possible period of time.

NameIngredientsServings per containerMoney Back Guarantee 
(Editor’s Choice)
Chromium, Guggulsterones, Theobromine Cacao, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Sclareolides60 capsules60 days Check Price
GynectrolChromium, Caffeine, Guggulsterones, Theobromine Cacao, Green Tea Extract, Sclareolides60 capsules60 days Check Price
GynemaxCocoa Extract, Vitamin B Complex, Cayenne, Green Tea Extract, Chromium Picolinate, Silmalumna, ATP90 capsules60 days Check Price

Gynexin – Best All-Around Product

Gynexin pillsGynexin is an all-natural treatment that has been specifically formulated by herbalists and nutritionists to help men reduce their breasts. Gynexin is easy to use – all you have to do is drink 8 ounces (250 ml) of water with every Gynexin pill just two times per day. Most men prefer to take one Gynexin pill in the morning with breakfast and another Gynexin pill later in the evening with dinner. It’s easy, convenient and safe.

The new Alpha Formula version of Gynexin is the most powerful pill currently on the market today, and it comes in a bottle of 60 pills. Taking just two pills per day, many men find that they can start to see results within 30 days. For some men, it could take slightly longer. However, based on the before and after photos from men who have used Gynexin, it appears that noticeable improvements can be seen in just a few weeks of using these pseudogynecomastia pills.

What makes Gynexin the best all-around product is that it is so widely trusted and available, while other gyno supplements are typically available only via very specialized websites. The packaging looks attractive, and shipping is both fast and discreet. The reviews have been largely positive. In fact, one reviewer is a former U.S. pro golfer who suggests that fellow golfers with man boobs who wear baggy golf shirts should give Gynexin a try.

The key active ingredients in Gynexin are chromium picolinate (known to regulate the body’s metabolism), guggulsterones (known to regulate cholesterol levels and often used in alternative medicines due their powerful antioxidants), theobromine cacao (a type of alkaloid found in dark chocolate), green tea extract, caffeine, and sclareolides (a type of herb known to reduce estrogen and boost testosterone). All of these are safe and 100% all-natural. Moreover they come with some additional health benefits, as in the case of green tea extract which contains antioxidants that can help to decrease the risk of cancer and certain heart diseases.

What really makes Gynexin stand out from its competitors is the proprietary Gynexin blend. This is the real secret of the powerful Alpha Formula: the additional Gynexin blend enables the full synergistic impact of the various ingredients. Simply using these ingredients individually would not have the same effect as combining them in exactly the right concentration within each pill. Other options don’t have all the same gynecomastia supplements for breast reduction.

Recommendation: Based on the above pros and cons, Gynexin gynecomastia pills can be recommended for the average guy looking for the safe, effective treatment of breast and overall fat reduction.

  • Safe, all-natural
  • Effective with 99% of men
  • Results can be seen in just a few weeks
  • Excellent description of ingredients
  • Fast, discreet shipping
  • Pills can be hard to swallow
  • Some reviewers complain of mild dehydration if used without water

Gynectrol – Best Product for Bodybuilders

Gynectrol pillsGynectrol is a gyno supplement to get rid of “moobs” naturally. For many bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, Gynectrol has become a favorite resource for dealing with gynecomastia.

What happens with many bodybuilders is that their hormonal balance moves slightly out of kilter. That’s to be expected, right? The human body can only produce so much testosterone until it starts to break it down into female hormones. And that’s why many bodybuilders – men who are in peak physical condition – can often suffer from gynecomastia. Simply stated, the estrogen starts to go to work too fast, causing female-like characteristics, including those dreaded “moobs.”

As a result, you’re more likely to find Gynectrol sold on sites that cater to men who are bulking up and trying to become big. And that’s why Gynectrol is the perfect product for bodybuilders: it has been specially formulated to help change the body’s hormonal balance and help burn stored chest fat at the same time.

Unlike Gynexin, which you take two times per day, you take Gynectrol once a day (2 capsules at a time). Most men take Gynectrol 20 minutes or so before breakfast. Each bottle has 30 “servings” in it – that’s enough for an entire month.

One notable aspect of Gynectrol is how easily it can be used as part of a workout regime. Each serving has 1.7 calories, 0 carbs and 0 sugar. You won’t gain weight at all – and even better, the active ingredients in Gynectrol will help you lose weight. The active ingredients in Gynectrol include chromium picolinate, caffeine, green tea extract, guggulsterones, theobromine cacao and sclareolides.

As you can see, the composition of Gynexin and Gynectrol is almost identical in terms of the active ingredients – it is their exact combination and percentage that varies. In this case, Gynectrol has slightly higher concentrations of green tea extract and caffeine. You can understand why, right? Caffeine is a known ergogenic, which means that it can help to improve physical performance at the gym. And green tea extract has powerful antioxidants that can help to repair the body naturally after a max-effort workout.

Based on reviews available online, many men say that they see breast reduction results within weeks. Gynectrol is available for worldwide delivery.

Recommendation: Based on the above pros and cons, Gynectrol can be recommended for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for ways to bulk up, while getting rid of feminine boobs.

  • Safe, all-natural formulation
  • Only one serving per day required
  • Capsules are easier to swallow than pills
  • Results seen within weeks
  • Free worldwide delivery often available
  • No needles or prescriptions needed
  • Not widely available on e-commerce sites like
  • Optimally used by men who are trying to bulk up, not slim down

Gynemax – Best Product for Slimming Down and Losing Weight

Gynemax pillsOf all the products designed to fightgynecomastia, perhaps the one that has received the most media attention is Gynemax. These gynecomastia pills have gained a reputation among men for burning fat fast. In fact, the company has two separate trademarks – one for “the chest fat burner” and one for “Slimaluma,” an ancient survival food that has had incredible results in helping men slim down.

Moreover, while some of the buzz surrounding Gynemax might sound like hype (“nature’s miracle weight loss secret”), there are some proven clinical results to back up all the claims. In fact, of the various tablets available for the treatment of gynecomastia, the one that comes with the most doctor recommendations and scientific tests is Gynemax.

The reason why Gynemax has gained attention from the likes of Men’s Fitness and Iron Man magazines is because of that “secret ingredient” known as Slimaluma. Everybody wants to know what’s included in that trademarked gyno ingredient, right? Well, Gynemax doesn’t hide behind a lot of unfounded claims – right there on any website, they will tell you what Slimaluma is and why it works as an anti-boob ingredient.

This powerful, natural breast reduction supplement is powered by Caralluma Fimbriata extract, which comes from a type of wild, succulent cactus. This cactus has been used for centuries by people in Asia to survive in the most severe conditions. As a result, it has gained a cult following of sorts as a “survival food” – it helps to suppress appetite, quench thirst and rid the body of the hunger impulse.

You can see why this double-combo of eating less and drinking less would help to shrink breasts, right? In double-blind, placebo-controlled tests, it was found that Slimaluma made people 20% less hungry. Moreover, it helps to stimulate peripheral blood flow, which makes it easier for your body to remove and lose troublesome fat.

There’s another powerful ingredient found within Gynemax and it’s called ATP. This is really a type of fuel for the body, and comes with a number of great health benefits, including the ability to lower elevated blood sugar levels. This helps to prevent obesity and other weight-related problems. So you can think of Gynemax as a very useful dietary and gyno supplement for slimming down and losing weight. If you want to attack the fat on your chest, Gynemax makes it much easier.

Recommendation: If you are looking to get rid of the fast on the chest, Gynemax is the top option for breast reduction. It is the perfect option for men looking to slim down, reduce fat, and lose weight.

  • Fat removing results proven in clinical trials
  • Doctor recommendations
  • All-natural, safe and effective
  • Protected by two U.S. patents
  • Free shipping
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Fat reduction system requires 90 capsules, not 60
  • Optimal results achieved with overall change to diet

Buyer’s Guide

All three of these breast reduction supplements are 100% all-natural and safe. These chest fat burning pills differ primarily in the way that they go about solving the problem of gynecomastia without expensive surgical treatments for the chest.

For example, Gynexin works by regulating the body’s overall metabolism and hormonal balance. This is a great way to get rid of annoying chest fat without the need for extreme dietary or exercise changes. Let’s face it, since gynecomastia is a very common problem that impacts one in three guys, there needs to be an all-around, useful solution that works for everyone.

When it comes to the breast reduction pills Gynectrol and Gynemax, their usages are slightly more specialized. The breast reduction pill Gynectrol is for men who are looking to bulk up and add muscle, while breaking down chest fat to attain that lean, chiseled look. The breast reduction pill Gynemax is for someone looking to slim down and minimize chest fat naturally. If you are hitting the gym several times a week trying to get a rock-hard chest and build muscle, you’d probably want to try Gynectrol breast reduction pills.

One of the biggest questions men seem to have about these pseudogynecomastia pills is: Are there any side effects? The good news is that since all three of these gynecomastia pills are dietary supplements, there is no risk of serious side effects. You might experience slight dehydration or even nausea, but as long as you are consuming plenty of water, you can minimize those results. Also, you might want to check out how much caffeine is in the three products. If you are already drinking a few cups of coffee each day, you might need to cut back.


For men suffering from the sometimes painful and embarrassing condition of gynecomastia, there are now 3 powerful pills on the marketplace today: Gynexin, Gynectrol and Gynemax. These male breast reduction pills are all 100% all-natural, safe and useful in targeting fat. And, best of all, they are being used by men just like you who want to avoid using baggy shirts to cover up sagging chests or the appearance of feminine breasts.

By using these gynecomastia treatments for just a month (and sometimes just 2-3 weeks), you can achieve a rock-hard, chiseled upper body. They are the best gynecomastia pills. Nutritionists and herbalists are still searching for the perfect formulation of nature’s ingredients, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if these companies come up with even more powerful proprietary blends to make the best gynecomastia pills in the near future.

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