Nearly one in three men will suffer from gynecomastia (or gyno), the painful and often embarrassing swelling of the male breast tissue, during their lifetime. In a worst-case scenario, the swelling and enlargement of the male breast area may be so great that it becomes extremely painful, leading to a loss of functional ability.

Since the condition is relatively common, gynecomastia is usually referred to by its informal name: man boobs.

So what remedies and natural gynecomastia treatments are there to remove these man boobs? The good news is that there are several different treatment options, all of which are safer and less risky than surgery.

For example, there are pills and creams that start to work almost immediately, shrinking the fat cells and helping to restore the body’s hormonal balance. They can help to get rid of gynecomastia.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is usually not a life-threatening condition, although there are certain conditions when cancerous tumor growths may be responsible for the enlargement of the male breast area. More typically, gynecomastia results from a hormonal imbalance in the body.

If the body produces too little testosterone, for example, it might lead to man breasts. And, conversely, if the body produces too much testosterone, it might not be able to use all of it, converting a residual amount into estrogen.

You can immediately see the problem here: Too much estrogen in the body can lead to the appearance of feminine-looking man breasts.

If the formation of breasts is too extreme, it can lead to significant swelling and intense pain. For that reason, some men consider surgery as a possible option.

However, they often are not aware that there are medications and treatment options that are not only safer, but also considerably less expensive to fix gynecomastia without surgery.

normal breast and gynecomastia

Non surgical gynecomastia treatment

There is a very good reason why surgical procedures to eliminate gynecomastia are not the best option. One is the risk of “going under the knife”. Gynecomastia surgery is an invasive procedure similar to cosmetic surgery, in which surgeons must remove the fatty tissue that has accumulated in the breast area.

This leads to certain problems, as you can imagine, including the risk of post-surgery complications. You may go through surgery and find that you have nasty scars remaining where the surgeons entered the breast area.

And there’s one other consideration to keep in mind: Most insurance companies won’t pay for gynecomastia surgery. As they view it, this surgery is an elective, cosmetic procedure that is only intended to improve the overall appearance of the chest area.

They don’t always understand how or why there are so many psychological and emotional problems connected with gynecomastia.

Natural gynecomastia treatment

So if surgery is not an option, what are some of the other remedies or natural gynecomastia treatment options? There are five different approaches:

  • Exercise and diet
  • Compression clothing
  • Medications
  • Herbal creams
  • Pills and capsules

Let’s look at each of these non-surgical options and natural remedies for gynecomastia in detail to see which of them helps minimize gynecomastia the most. Each of them works in very different ways.

Exercise and diet to get rid of gynecomastia

The first place to start is by changing your exercise and diet. It’s completely free and might help reverse the body’s metabolism. Since gynecomastia is at least partially due to the buildup of fatty tissue in the breast area, it only makes sense that you would want to minimize the amount of fat in your diet.

When the body is unable to convert fat into energy, it must store it. That leads to fatty deposits and more fatty tissue. Thus, you may want to start thinking about methods to scale back your daily caloric intake or, at the very least, changing what and even how you eat on a daily basis.

In terms of exercise, there are several ways to target the chest area that can help to tighten up the muscle in the area. As the muscle mass becomes more defined, it helps to reduce some of the “flabby” look of the chest area.

That is really a great way to reduce gynecomastia. In terms of exercises that are effective, one popular option is the push-up. You can also try the incline press with dumbbells or seated rows that specifically target the pectoral area.

Clothing choices

As you might guess, clothing is not really a treatment at all – it’s simply a way of hiding gynecomastia from others. There are plenty of athletic clothing companies that sell tight compression shirts that can really help to mask the embarrassing look of man boobs.

You can also choose to wear darker clothing, or to wear multiple layers of clothing. But these options will not make man boobs go away.

Medications to eliminate gynecomastia

If you suspect that your gynecomastia is due to medical reasons rather than just a hormonal imbalance, you can ask your doctor to experiment with different medications. Some men, for example, have experimented with getting testosterone replacement.

Other popular medications to try include Danazol, Tamoxifen, and Clomiphene.

The problem with this approach, of course, is that these are all prescription medications and cannot be picked up easily at a pharmacy. They can help man breasts go away by treating the underlying medical problem causing the gynecomastia.

However, since they are not found in nature, there is always the risk of a medical side effect while taking them. You might experience conditions such as dizziness or nausea on a regular basis.

Gynecomastia creams

There are several very popular, affordable and effective herbal creams on the market today that can help man boobs disappear. One of these is Gynexin, which contains all-natural ingredients. By rubbing this cream into your chest, your body will be able to absorb these ingredients.

Most men use these creams after a shower. Just as you might use lotions or other creams after a shower to moisturize the skin, you can also use these creams to make your chest area shrink in size.

In many cases, Gynexin cream can go to work immediately, shrinking fat cells and providing a treatment for gynecomastia. It’s a very easy treatment to start and can be used as part of an overall non-surgical regime to get rid of gynecomastia. And it’s very private, too: Nobody will see you massaging these creams into your chest.

Pills to treat gynecomastia without surgery

By far the most popular choice, though, is pills and capsules that can be taken 1-2 times a day. There are three gynecomastia pills that people typically use as treatment:

These are herbal gyno supplements and not drugs, so you don’t have to worry about any dangerous medical side effects. Moreover, since they contain all-natural ingredients, your body is able to absorb and use them very easily.

Typically, you just take 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill at night. To help the body process all the ingredients inside, you can take the pills with a glass of water.

You can think of these pills as gyno supplements. Most nutritionists would tell you that these gyno supplements help to address factors within your body that are making it hard for you to slim down your chest size.

If you look at the names of all these products, they all contain “gyno” in their name, and for good reason. They are specifically formulated to address fatty tissue deposits in your chest area.

Gynexin Alpha Formula

Right now, the industry leader for pills is Gynexin. In other words, if you read reviews online or if you ask guys in the gym which pills they take to eliminate man boobs, they would probably say Gynexin. These pills can help you get rid of excess fat by helping to change the body’s metabolism. Here are the main ingredients in Gynexin:

  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Theobromine Cacao
  • Guggulsterones
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Caffeine
  • Sclareolides

Let’s take a look at some of these to see why and how these pills are such an effective gynecomastia treatment without surgery. For example, Gynexin includes chromium in picolinate form, which is very useful for maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy metabolism. It also includes green tea extract.

This is the same ingredient that you would find in a cup of green tea. It contains natural antioxidants that are known to improve the body’s metabolism and minimize the chances of many harmful diseases.

Gynexin also contains guggulsterones, which come from the sap of the guggul tree. Since ancient times in India, guggulsterones have been known to have many beneficial  qualities, including some potential anti-inflammatory properties.

You can immediately see why an anti-inflammatory product would be so important for the natural treatment of gynecomastia: It can help to minimize the painful swelling in the chest area and take the pain away.

And, of course, you recognize caffeine, right? This is the same caffeine that you might find in your morning coffee. It can help to speed up your metabolism, making it easier for your body to burn fat and lose calories. It is also an ergogenic, meaning it can improve mental and physical performance.

How long will it take to get rid of gynecomastia?

The time it takes to eliminate gynecomastia can differ significantly depending on the option used. The fastest and most effective treatment methods are the pills and capsules. Most online reviews say that they can start working within 2-3 weeks.

By the end of the first month, you’ll notice a smaller chest area and a much improved appearance as you lose fat. Depending on the severity of your gynecomastia, it may take as long as 2-3 months before you once again have a flat, manly chest.

What is the cost to reduce gynecomastia without surgery?

Compared to gynecomastia surgery, which can cost as much as $8,000 and won’t qualify for insurance coverage, the creams and pills are a remarkably affordable option. For example, Gynexin and Gynemax typically sell for about $50 online.

That includes a 30-day supply (60 pills). Think about that for a moment: If you are able to cure your gynecomastia in just a month, as many men are able to do, that’s only going to cost you $50! And you won’t have to use any expensive drugs, either. This is really the best approach to eliminating gynecomastia.

More natural remedies for gynecomastia

If you’re like most men, you’re probably considering if you can speed up the treatment of gynecomastia by using several different methods at one time. Since the creams and pills are all-natural, there are no immediate medical problems caused by combining these.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about drug side effects. However, you really have to study the ingredients in these creams and pills. For example, if the body already has enough of one ingredient (e.g. chromium) from a cream, taking 1-2 pills a day might not help at all to reduce gynecomastia.

However, there is one hybrid treatment option that really works best – combining pills with exercise and diet. This is an extremely effective option, and many bodybuilders and men with a testosterone imbalance use this approach.

They max out at the gym, and then use the gynecomastia pills to help with their hormonal imbalance. And cutting fat out of your diet can work wonders! The less fat you are consuming with your meals, the less fat your body must either burn or store.


As you can see, gynecomastia may be an embarrassing and even painful condition, but there are several treatment options to get rid of gynecomastia. These include herbal creams and all-natural pills and capsules. The most popular brands are Gynexin, Gynectrol and Gynemax.

If you are using other supplements or pills, you might be disappointed. Gynexin is easily the best way to go. Make sure you look for the Gynexin Alpha Formula, which is the strongest, most effective form of Gynexin.

It has been formulated by herbalists and nutritionists in such a manner that just taking 2 pills a day for 30 days can be enough to reduce your gynecomastia and rid the body of harmful fatty deposits.

Just think of how great it would be to take off your shirt at the beach, or how wonderful it would be to work out and shower at the gym without the embarrassment or humiliation of having other men in the locker room think that you have a feminine-looking chest.

If you’re serious about finding a remedy for gynecomastia and ridding yourself of this problem, there are very affordable options online that have been tested by other men just like you. So what are you waiting for?

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